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Custom Pool


Custom Sneaky Pete

Custom PL3 Grey

Custom Grey PL3

Custom CB1 Grey

Custom PL4 Grey

CB5 Custom

Maroon CB1 Custom

CB4 Custom Green

CB2 Custom Natural

Orange CB2 Custom

CB5 Custom 2


CB1 Custom

CB2 Custom Maroon

CB2 Star Custom

Custom CB1 Green

Custom PL4 Light Blue/Gray

CB1 Maroon Custom

CB1 Orange Custom

CB1 Bue and Light Blue

Dark Blue Forearm, Light Blue handle with White inlays

PL3 Custom

Custom PL3 with Light Stain and Decorative Rings

Custom Pool Cue

Custom Schuler Cue Ebony with Turquoise and Holly Inlays with Professional Shaft

CB1 Custom Blue

Blue BE Forearm and Butt Sleeve with Constant Shaft and Ebonized Handle

CB1 9879 Brown and Natural

Brown and Natural CB1 Custom WIth Ebonized Handle and Constant Shaft

CB1 9873 Grey and Natural

Grey and Natural CB1 With Ebonized Handle and Constant Shaft

CB1 9864 Orange and Black

Orange Forearm and Ebonized Handle Orange ButtSleeeve CB1 with Constant Shaft

CB1 9861 Brown and Natural

CB1 Brown Forearm with Ebonized Handle and Natural Butt Cap

Tuxedo Custom 9852

Ebony and Holly Tuxedo with Super Constant Shaft

PL3 Brown 9891

Birds Eye Maple PL3 with Linen wrap and Professional Shaft

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