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When Ray Schuler set out to improve on the outstanding cues created by his mentor, Herman Rambow, he applied his engineering background and his experience as a player to create the famous Schuler Joint.  Unlike ordinary threaded joints, the Schuler Joint is designed to promote maximum transmission of feel between the tip and the grip.  The result is the unmistakable "hit" of the Schuler Legacy Cue!

Interchangeable Shafts - Probably the most exciting feature of the Schuler Joint is its ability to be interchanged with other Schuler Joints. This means that any Schuler shaft will fit any Schuler butt, and shafts may be ordered by phone!

Precision Balanced - The Schuler Joint design adds less weight to the joint than most other cue's stud screw alone would add. The joint has been engineered to eliminate unnecessary weight.

High Performance Materials - The Schuler Joint uses lightweight metal hardware, instead of wood-screw, or metal-into-wood jointed cues. Those cues must be handled in such a way as not to harm the fragile wooden threads of the joint. The Schuler Joint has the strength of a heavy steel mechanism -- without the weight, and all the feel of a wooden-screw joint -- without the fragility.

"Hit" - The wood-to-wood contact transmits the full intensity of the stroke to the ball, without chunks of metal in the way to dampen feedback.

Natural Balance - Schuler Cues have their weight distributed naturally throughout the cue, instead of having up to 3 ounces of metal deposited at the joint. This allows for a better feel in the player's hand.

Control - The flat-faced, wood-to-wood joint gives the solid Schuler feel while delivering the power of the stroke and transmitting feedback to the hand, like a fine performance automobile transmits the feel of the road.

Secure Joint Connection - The fit of the Schuler joint gets tighter as the faces draw near. This lets you know that the cue is solidly joined. No more worrying about over-tightening.

Time Tested - The Schuler Joint is also designed to be extremely durable. With more than twenty-five years of Schuler cues in the field, the integrity of the Schuler Joint has fully proven itself, and is still in use on all of our cues today.

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